Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream Catcher - Nail Tutorial

I have seen some pictures of Dream Catcher  nails and even if it looks a little complicated it is actually pretty easy and cute. Im really not going to mention the names of the nail polishes I use just because i don't really get expensive ones or famous brands. Also you can change the colors of the design.
Lets get started!

1) Start off with a base coat, then i applied like a peach color.

2) With a thin brush draw a half moon with black nail polish then in the middle of the half moon draw a triangle.

3) Follow the pattern untill you fill in the half moon. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT! Dream catchers are most of the times hand made so they are not perfect at all, you can even change it depending on what you like.

4) Add three strands falling from the half moon. The middle one has to be shorter than the other two.

5) On the middle strand add a feather, all you have to do is draw little random lines going to the opposite side and down, if you can't do the feather you can just add bigger dots.

6) On the other two strands with a bobby pin or dotting tool add little dots of different colors. Done!!!

This nail design takes quite a long time but it is easy to do.
I am definetly not a professional but i just want to share some of the things i love to do.

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