Sunday, September 30, 2012

Product Review: e.l.f. Dramatic Lash Kit

Around two weeks ago I had a mini shopping trip to Target and i don't remember exactly what I was looking for. The next day I had a mini photoshoot with my cousins and I wanted to look fancy. wanted to buy more My plan was to get some fake lashes which they are from &5.00 to $7.00 aproximately but then I saw the e.l.f makeup/tools area, i have seen it before but it never got my attention. The eyelashes that e.l.f. carries are pretty good for the price which is $1.00!

This is the Dramatic Lash Kit, they had a more natural looking kit but i wanted to go dramatic.
It includes the glue but it doesent do it's job so I used Waterproof Lash Grip by Ardell.
The eyelashes itself look pretty good but for me they were a little bit too long so I had to trim a couple lashes from the outter part.

There are some falsies out there that you can reuse but you can only reuse this ones if you take really good care of them and if you dont apply mascara to them.

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